8 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

Being a die-hard sports enthusiast, I’ve felt the frustration of missing out on my favorite games when I’m traveling. But over time, I’ve discovered a treasure trove of free sports streaming sites that have been game-changers.

In this guide, I’m sharing my go-to platforms for catching all the sporting action. Whether it’s today’s heated match or a legendary game from years ago, these sites won’t disappoint.

However, a quick tip: some of these free sports streaming sites are region-locked. To bypass these regional restrictions, you need a VPN. A VPN changes your real IP address and replaces it with one matching the VPN server. 

I recommend Surfshark because it reliably accesses all streaming sites listed below. Plus, it has strong security and a strict no-logs policy to keep all your online activity private. 

Note: At VPNMinds, we believe in upholding the law and encourage our readers to do the same. We do not condone any form of piracy or illegal activity. Please note that some free movie sites may not have the proper permissions to stream copyrighted content.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you only stream content that is available in the public domain. In addition, some free sites may log your IP address, so it’s important to use a VPN to protect your online privacy.

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites


ESPN has been a go-to source for sports fans for years, and its website offers free sports streaming options for those who want to catch live games for free. You can watch live coverage of popular sports such as basketball, football, baseball, tennis, golf, and soccer on ESPN’s free streaming site. 

WatchESPN home page

Plus, you can access news, highlights, and analysis of these sports events. It’s worth noting that not all games and events are available for free on ESPN’s website. Most premium events and games require a valid cable login or an active ESPN+ subscription to access.

1. Trusted source for sports coverage
2. Free streaming options for popular sports
3. User-friendly interface
4. Access to sports news, highlights, and analysis
1. Not all games and events are free
2. Limited broadcasting rights for certain games
3. Many premium games require an active subscription
4. Occasional ads and pop-ups

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2. VIPRow

VIPRow has become increasingly popular over the years and for good reason. It offers live streaming of major sporting events from all around the world. 

You can catch up on the latest soccer matches from the English Premier League or La Liga, watch the NBA playoffs, or even check out sports like rugby or cricket. The site also has a section for sports replays, which is perfect if you missed a game or want to rewatch a classic match from the past.

VIPRow home page

We also appreciate that VIPRow offers multiple links to each game, ensuring that you have a backup in case one link goes down. The streaming quality is generally good, but it does have some drawbacks. 

For example, VIPRow has ads, and clicking on any space might redirect you to another site. And it’s unavailable in some countries.

But using a VPN like Surfshark can help navigate these issues. It comes with a built-in ad-blocker, so you can have an ad-free experience. And it can also help you access the site if it’s blocked in your country. Just connect to a US server, and you should be good to go.

1. No subscription required
2. Works with an ad blocker enabled
3. Wide range of sports and event
4. Easy to use
1. Lots of pop-up ads and banners
2. Stream quality may not be the best 
3. The website can be unreliable at times
4. Unavailable in some countries

>> Checkout VIPRow

3. Stream2Watch

For sports enthusiasts, Stream2Watch stands as another reliable choice. Offering a broad spectrum of sports, live sports TV, and news channels, it ensures fans don’t miss out on any action. You can indulge in streams with crystal-clear 1080 HD quality, making every match feel almost lifelike.


However, there’s a slight hiccup: the site does come with its share of ads. While they can occasionally disrupt the viewing experience, the good news is that Stream2Watch is compatible with ad-blockers. By using an ad-blocker or a VPN with ad-blocking capabilites, you can significantly reduce those ad interruptions.

1. No registration required
2. High-quality links
3. All kinds of sports available for streaming 
4. Provides access to TV channels as well
1. Annoying ads and popups
2. Sometimes the links don’t work
3. The site has been known to switch domains frequently

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4. CricHD

CricHD is not just limited to cricket, as its name may suggest. You can watch a variety of sports such as baseball, volleyball, rugby, American football, boxing, wrestling, and many more. 

CricHD interface

It also allows you to chat with other streamers, and you can check event schedules, matchups, and other related information. This is great if you want to keep track of upcoming events. Plus, we liked that it also gives you access to some IPTV sports channels, which you can access in real-time. 

The interface may appear a bit busy at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that it’s well-organized and easy to navigate. On the left side of the screen, you’ll find icons for different sports categories, which simplifies the process of accessing your preferred sports. You can easily click on the category you want to explore and enjoy the games without hassle.

Like many other free sports streaming sites, CricHD has ads, but you can use an ad-blocker to eliminate them. This site is also not available everywhere, so you might need to use a VPN depending on your location. 

1. Wide variety of sports available
2. Event schedules and matchups available
3. Chat feature for interacting with others
4. Compatible with ad-blockers
1. The interface may appear busy at first
2. You may encounter low-quality streams occasionally
3. Ads may interrupt your streaming

>> Check out CricHD

5. Live TV

Live TV is a free sports streaming site with a strong focus on football. But it also has other sports, like basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis, and more. The website allows you to choose from different languages like Russian, Dutch, Spanish, French, and more. This makes it a good choice if you prefer to access the site in your local language. 

Live TV

Plus, it provides live scores and statistics for ongoing matches, making it easier to keep track of the game. We liked it has working streams for most major sporting events. 

Live TV doesn’t have an official app for mobile streaming, which may be a drawback for some users. However, according to the FAQs page, downloading the Puffin browser on your mobile device can provide a smoother experience.

1. The site offers multiple languages
2. A wide range of sports
3. Access to schedules, live scores, highlights, and more
1. Doesn’t have a mobile app
2. Account creation is required to access the community forum
3. User-interface could be better

>> Check out Live TV

6. Sportsurge

Sportsurge is another popular live sports streaming site that provides a great platform for sports fans. The site has a straightforward interface, making it easy to navigate and find the game you want to watch.

It provides links to multiple streams for each event, ensuring that viewers always have options if one stream goes down or fails to load.

But like many other sports streaming sites, it relies on third-party sources for its streams, which can be unreliable and unstable at times. Plus, it’s also blocked in many countries, so you’ll need a VPN to access it.

1. Minimalistic interface
2. Multiple links to games
3. Fewer ads than its competitors
1. Can be slow and unreliable at times
2. Inconsistent video quality
3. Unavailable in some regions

>> Check out Sportsurge

7. Facebook Watch

When it comes to live sports streaming, Facebook Watch is a lesser-known option but one that shouldn’t be overlooked. Launched in 2017, Facebook Watch is a video-on-demand service that has grown to feature a wide range of content, including sports events.

It’s completely free, and the platform is also easy to navigate, with a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily find the sports content you want to watch. From live games to highlights and analyses, Facebook Watch has a lot to offer.

As an added bonus, Facebook Watch allows you to connect with friends and other fans who are also watching the game. This social aspect can add a new layer of excitement to the viewing experience, as users can share their thoughts and reactions in real time.

However, it doesn’t have the same level of coverage as some other sports streaming sites.

1. Doesn’t require a separate account
2. Available for multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets
3. No intrusive popups; only mid-stream ads
1. May find low-quality streams as these are uploaded by other users
2. Limited number of sports
3. You may need to navigate through non-sports-related content to find something you’re interested in

>> Check out Facebook Watch

8. Fromhots

FromHots is one of the most well-known and widely used free sports streaming websites. It offers a vast selection of live sports coverage across various categories such as American football, basketball, baseball, football/soccer, boxing, hockey, racing, tennis, and many more. The website doesn’t host any of the content itself, instead, it indexes links from other sites where you can stream the games.

When it comes to highlights, FromHots has a partnership with javafooty.com, where you can find the latest highlights and replays of major events. For live TV content, the site redirects you to channelsurf.tv.

The user interface might appear a bit overwhelming, but with a little time, you’ll quickly find your way around. There are header tabs for the major categories, making it easy to navigate and find the game you’re looking for.

Overall, if you’re looking for a sports index that can connect you to virtually any game you want to watch, you can’t go wrong with Fromhots. However, keep in mind that the site is ad-supported, so expect to encounter some pop-up ads during your visit.

1. Wide selection of games
2. Entirely free to use
3. Doubles as an IPTV directory
1. Lots of ads
2. Not the easiest to navigate
3. Blocked in many countries

>> Check out Fromhots

Why Do I Need a VPN to Access Sports Streaming Sites?

Accessing free sports streaming sites comes with risks. Here’s why using a VPN is super helpful:

  1. Geo-restrictions: Many free streaming sites are region-specific, meaning they’re only accessible from certain countries. A VPN allows you to bypass these geo-blocks by masking your real IP address and making it appear as if you’re accessing the site from a permitted location.
  2. Safety and Privacy: Free streaming sites can sometimes be a hotbed for malware and intrusive trackers. A VPN encrypts your internet connection, ensuring that your personal data remains private and secure from potential cyber threats.
  3. Avoid ISP Throttling: Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are known to throttle bandwidth when they detect heavy data usage, like streaming. With a VPN, your online activities are hidden from your ISP, ensuring a smoother streaming experience without unexpected lags.
  4. Access to More Content: Beyond just sports, a VPN can unlock a plethora of content on platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer, which might be restricted in your region.
  5. Ad-Blocking Capabilities: Some premium VPNs come with built-in ad-blockers. This means not only are you protected from potential threats, but you can also enjoy a more seamless streaming experience without constant ad interruptions.


Streaming live sports events for free can be a great way to enjoy your favorite games without breaking the bank. However, finding reliable and safe websites to stream from can be challenging.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best free sports streaming sites available online. With the help of a VPN, you can enjoy high-quality live streams of your favorite sports events without worrying about the cost. Remember to always use caution when accessing any free streaming sites and verify their legality in your country.

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